About us

PATTERN DYNAMICS is one of the growing companies in Bangalore, who are into a business with automation products and services for Apparel manufacturers, Designers & Brand Houses. The company is renowned for its ethical approach, attention to detail and providing the client with an honest, objective and balanced opinion. PATTERN DYNAMICS has already been instrumental in either securing or saving its customers millions of pounds in the process of providing such services and establishing a unique relationship with each of its clients.

The apparel industry is very dynamic in nature, as in this industry every season sets off with a new trend. The designs and technologies being introduced everyday, which has changed the approach towards merchandising and production, Also the Global demand for clothing has increased manifolds because of increased population, change of consumer's attitude toward fast fashion, and increase in the average income per head in many countries. The global demand for clothing and stiff competition is now mandating many manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies and styles of production to establish their credentials in the market.

Pattern Dynamics presents immense opportunities for garment manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies. Through our unique interdisciplinary approach, we bring in the most advanced technology on a continuous basis to the industry with less capital intensive and high investment to turnover ratio. Our vast catalogue enables us to examine the possibilities for each client from a number of viewpoints and offer a one-stop-shop experience for our customers.

Working with us has many benefits for you, your business and your stakeholders. Our outcomes are current, relevant and instantly applicable to our client’s work settings. We combine the latest thinking with both grounded theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our adaptable and quality solution provides customers with measured results in a time frame which is individually tailored to each client.

Since 2013, we have successfully served hundreds of customers in more than 10 countries for our clients who are gold-standard in their respective industries. Our associates are internationally renowned in their fields with many years of experience, enabling them to provide expert advice, knowledge, and support for all of our clients.


Our Objective

  • Complete range of automation products & services required for any apparel business.
  • Best solution suited to the customer needs with high precision.
  • Advanced technology at the most affordable price.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction and attention to detail.
  • Always be available for communication to keep the customers more reliable on us for any professional advice and clarifications.

Our Moto

“Product and Service with Quality “

Our Formula

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The comprehensive product range also enables solutions for your needs. In our demonstration center, laying and cutting machines are available for general demonstrations as well as for testing with your own materials. Make an appointment with us.
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